Find just the right crib bedding set for your little bundle of joy!

The mattress that you put into the baby crib is more important that the crib. Babies need the maximum comfort possible when they are sleeping and the cradle mattress should be firm, durable, safe, and very comfortable. It does not really make any sense to spend a fortune on the crib but get some ordinary cradle mattress.

Though most cradle mattresses come in a standard size, it is still best to have some measurements handy so that you are sure the mattress will fit the crib. A snugly fit cradle mattress must be firm in order to avoid becoming a safety hazard for the baby.

There are many different materials used to make all types of cradle mattresses and some of these include foam and coil mattresses. A cradle mattress made of foam is firm as well as light. You will find the light weight useful when changing sheets. Coil mattresses are relatively heavier but they retain their firmness for a longer period and are good for the growing child. When choosing a cover, make sure it is waterproof and that it meets the Federal Flammability Standards. The cover should also have an anti-microbial layer on it.


A good example is the Da Vinci Emily 2 250 Coil cradle mattress. This one comes with a 25-year warranty. This cradle mattress is engineered for comfort and it features a triple layer that is reinforced for long-term firmness. It has an anti-microbial, water-resistant, and non-toxic cover. When the baby grows to the toddler stage you simply need to flip over the mattress and it is still useful.

Starlight Support cradle mattresses are manufactured by Moonlight Slumber. Their cradle mattress is of high quality, anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, and features two levels of firmness. One side is firmer and is ideal for babies while a relatively softer side is ideal for toddlers. The included Fire Barrier meets the Federal Flammability Standards. Cleaning is easy and convenient, just take a wet sponge and wipe down the cradle mattress. All Moonlight Slumber cradle mattresses come with a lifetime warranty.

You may also opt for the Starlight Support Supreme Innerspring cradle mattress with Visco baby crib. The viscoelastic in the foam provides excellent support while ensuring proper spine alignment. This mattress is good for very small babies as well as toddlers.

Your baby deserves a peaceful and physically comfortable sleep so you must choose the best cradle mattress that you can afford.


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